School Photography

For advancedlife, School Photography is about creating rapport with children and young adults to capture fun, point of time memories to cherish and share.
For 30 years we have been capturing these memories whilst providing a friendly, professional and premium service to our schools.
Below you will find links to our most popular packages however we would prefer to know exactly what your individual needs are to structure a service around your unique community requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. There is no section on the order form for me to fill in my credit card details?
A. We do not accept credit card payments on the order form or over the phone. Credit card payments can be made online only.
Q. How do I get a sibling photo of my children?
A. If your school has chosen to have sibling photos on photography day, please collect a sibling envelope from the school office.
Q. Will my child miss out on having a photo taken if I do not pay on photo day?
A. No your child will not miss out on a photo; all students need to have a photo taken.
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New Services
High Resolution Portrait File Included at
No Additional Charge
Every package that includes a portrait has the original high res file available for download at no additional charge.
NEW Online Ordering for Sports, Music and Extra Curricular Groups
Parents get to view the groups available from all advancedlife shoots at their school and order without having to return an envelope or cash via the school. All orders are returned to the school for distribution to ensure image security.