how do I
order school

how do I order school photos?

how do I order my child’s photos and payment options?

Envelopes and flyers – most schools send our order envelopes containing the product information home with your child prior to the day of photography. This gives you both cash or online ordering options. Schools will also provide you details on how to order via email/newsletter/school app, with the online ordering access link or code, so please check for this communication from your school.

At most schools there are 2 ways for parents/carers to order school photos – online (before, on or up to a week after photo day) or using one of our order envelopes (which needs to be handed in to our photographers on the day)

Order Options

You can find our how to order video here.

Phone orders – we cannot take credit card or bank details over the phone, we can only accept orders submitted online or paid in cash using an advancedlife order envelope.

sibling photos

Sibling photos must be ordered before photo day, so your school knows to bring together your children so their sibling photo can be taken. We provide the school with the list of sibling orders right up to the day of photography, so no one misses out. If you do miss the deadline for ordering, you must instruct your school to make sure that your children still have the sibling photo taken and you will get a chance again to order online after photography day.

Online orders Close - final online sibling orders must be placed prior to 12pm midnight on the day before photos are scheduled to take place.

To order online simply enter your 9-digit advancedorder school code (from the envelope) and complete the order process. If you are ordering both sibling packages and school photo packages, you can order everything together on the same order.

Simply start by ordering your first child’s school photo package using the ‘individual’ tab and complete the order process, and to add the next student's photo pack just click the blue tab ‘add another child’ and repeat the order process. Once all students have a photo package added to your order, finally add your sibling/family photo order by using the ‘sibling’ tab. Once all items have been added, click the blue ‘finish’ tab.

Cash orders - sibling photographs can still be ordered up until photo day by using a "Sibling Photo Envelope". This envelope requires you to pay by cash and you must enclose the correct moneyas our photographers cannot provide change. Go to your school office to collect a Sibling Order Envelope and make sure to confirm with the school that your children should be brought together on photo day for their sibling photo. Credit cards can only be used when ordering online through your school's advancedorder site. We cannot accept cheques.

Make sure to tell your eldest child that you have ordered a sibling photo

Important: No matter what payment method you have chosen when ordering a sibling photo, please ensure that your eldest child is aware that they are having a photograph taken with their siblings on photo day, so they remind the school on photo day that a sibling photo is taken.

Please note: Not all schools offer the opportunity to have sibling photographs taken.

Late Sibling Orders: If sibling pre-orders have closed online, these photos can still be purchased after photo day as long as a sibling photo has been taken on photo day. When the pre-ordered photo packages are distributed by your school, you will receive a ‘don’t miss out’ card advising you that a sibling photo has been taken. All the details of how to order the sibling photo will be outlined on this card. Please note that orders placed after photo day will have a processing and handling fee applied, to cover the cost of sending your late order to your home address and not with the other orders to the school.

late orders – ordering after photo day

If photo day has already been held at your school, then you are only able to order photos online, we cannot accept cash payments in an advancedlife order envelope after photo day.

You can order online any time before photo day and up to a week after photo day. If you have missed pre-ordering before photo day, you can still order photos after photo day by going to your school's advancedorder site and entering the 9-digit advancedorder school code found in the top right-hand corner of the ordering envelope, which will give you online access to easily purchase photos. Late orders may not always make the main delivery of all orders back to your school but will be delivered to your school as a separate delivery.

Or you can wait for the school photos to be delivered to the school, when your child will be given a "Urgent Action" / "Don't Miss Out" card that will have a picture of your child and a unique code to access your child's personal advancedyou online student site. This unique personal code can also be found on the back of packages you have purchased for your child in previous years.

Orders can be made up to a week after the main day of photography, at regular pricing. After the week, all orders are closed and the order will incur a reorder fee. This fee cannot be waived.

I ordered online – do I have to return an envelope?

If you have ordered online, we have a record of your payment and you do not need to return an envelope. We will photograph all children presented by the school to us for photography, regardless of whether their family has placed an order or not.

separated parents/out of area or state parents/carers

Your teacher will give your child their photo package/s to take home, but we know that this may cause some issues when parents are separated and a child divides their time between parental residences. If you would like to collect your order from the school office, because you anticipate this may be an issue, please place your order online prior to the day of photography and check the appropriate ‘collect your package’ check box on the payment page.

This will separate your order from the regular distribution and give you the opportunity to collect your package directly from the school office or you can liaise with your school to agree a delivery plan that works for you. All orders placed on the school's advancedorder ordering site will be delivered to the school and we are unable to change this to have individual orders sent to home addresses.

can I order over the phone?

advancedlife does not accept orders over the phone and cannot record or accept credit information provided in writing or verbally. For the security of our customers, all credit card, PayPal and LatitudePay transactions can only be made by customers online, using our secure websites.